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Spa review - The Four Fountains De-Stress Spa, Kolkata

When Sayantini from Cherry on Top asked me on Facebook sometime back if I was game for reviewing a spa here in the city, I was a little skeptic about issues like hygiene and privacy. But considering how badly I needed De-stressing from my crazy schedule, studying B.Ed and giving my Masters exams all at once, I said a yes after she assured me I would love it. I received an invite soon after to visit one of the Four Fountains De-Stress Spas here in Kolkata. I decided upon the Shakespeare Sarani (Theatre Road) branch and visited it for a one hour massage session to help my tense muscles and nerves relax. 

I decided to visit the spa after my college hours on a Friday. It was a particularly tiring day when I reached the spa all tired and slouching from the weight of my bag. As I opened the doors to enter, a fresh wave of lemongrass scent hit my nostrils. My first opinion once I entered was how pretty and extremely cozy the place was even though it was quite tiny. The place was almost soundproof which was a major relief because this branch is located on a very busy street where cars and buses keep honking away like crazy.

The receptionist was extremely sweet as she welcomed me and asked me to settle down and catch my breath before she asked me anything. I was asked to sit on a couch which had massage beads for the back rest. Also the door handles at this place are specially designed to massage the pressure points on your palms every time you hold them. Pretty clever I must say!!

The receptionist arrived with a glass of orange squash in a few minutes and handed me the brochure so that I could go through the different services available. The in-house doctor present asked me a few questions regarding my health and if I had any pain or ache anywhere. I had been having a pretty persistent ache in my back and legs for quite a while to which she suggested I take a de-stressing service. I selected the Swedish Massage with Wintergreen oil, which has pain relieving properties.

 I was introduced to my masseuse, Anne who escorted me to my separate massage room. This particular quote on the wall caught my attention the moment I entered the room. It said-
" Worry is like a rocking chair. Although it keeps you occupied, it doesn't get you anywhere. "
Anne handed me disposable clothing to change into after my shower before she could begin with the session. I was also given a disposable sheet to wrap myself in. Bonus points for hygiene. I was provided a jewelry box and a locker to safely keep my belongings away.

The room was very dimly lit with very few tiny lamps glowing. An oil burner was the only source of light in the room once the session started. This in particular was really soothing as you could see the slow flickering of the lamp and the shadows moving on the walls as you got your massage. A soft music of fountains and birds chirping was slowly playing, eliminating other disturbing noises from outside.

The massage was incredibly relaxing as I could feel my nerves and muscles slowly ease from their previously tense state. After the one hour session , Anne left me to take a shower again and get dressed. What I particularly liked was that my privacy was taken well care of as my masseuse covered the rest of my body with a sheet while she worked on a particular area.

After I was dressed, I was provided a glass of water and a cup of green tea. The resident doctor asked me how I liked the session and gave me a sample of a cream that she instructed me to apply on my forehead and on the sole of my feet to have better sleep. I'm totally loving how the cream/ointment smells!!

The only two issues I had were the continuous creaking sounds of the doors being opened and closed and this one particular crazy lamp which decided to go on and off on its own will. Apart from these, I had a really nice experience.

Do I recommend Four Fountains Spa ? Hell yes!! I had a great time as I was promised. It is not just the service they provide but what I liked the most were how they took care of the tiny details to make the clients feel at complete ease from the moment they enter the premises. Also, a look at the price charts will reveal how extremely affordable these services are. I highly recommend you drop in at any of their branches if you need some "me-time" to de-stress and unwind.

You can log in to the official website of Four Fountains De-Stress Spa to find your nearest spa and go through their services that you find best suitable for your needs. The Four Fountains Spa has over 20 of its branches in Kolkata, Delhi, Gurgaon, Mumbai, Pune, and Bangalore offering multiple services ranging from De-Stressing, De-toxification, Immunity and Beauty as per every client's needs.These spas offer discounts on different services if you visit on weekdays or collaborate with your company. Special privileges and prices for Gold and Happy hour members.

Are there any other spas you visited and liked? Do let me know!!

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