Thursday, June 16, 2016

Meeting Silki Agrawal - Blogger Meet

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Remember me? Yes, I'm alive in case you were wondering where I had vanished. Life took first priority and I had to settle a few things. More on that later, coming to what this post is about.

A group of 8 city bloggers were invited to Shisha Reincarnated for an exclusive chat session with GIMA nominated singer, Silki Agrawal who recently released her music album "Soul Chants - Divine Light, Divine Love, Divine Power". 

Born in the family of doctors, Silki Agrawal has always loved everything to do with music. She spent her childhood in the lap of nature at Ranikhet, Uttarakhand. In 2006, Grand Master Choa Kok Sui's Pranic Healing entered her life; application of the teachings transformed her immensely. She expressed her deep gratitude for her teacher by launching her first album ‘Guru Mantra’ in 2011 at a World Pranic Healing Convention in Singapore which sold over 4000 copies worldwide.

Soul Chants - Here are the lyrics explained and translated for all the three songs

Her latest album “SOUL CHANTS” had been nominated for GIMA Awards (Global Indian Music Academy Awards) along the likes of Sonu Nigam, Shankar Mahadevan and S.P. Balasubramaniam. 

Encouraged by the overwhelming response of ‘Soul Chants’ and fuelled by her passion to spread soulful inspirational music around the globe, her next album is scheduled to be released by Sept' 2016. The video of her new album will be shot on Iphone 6S, to be directed by Avinash Vasu and the same will be in consideration by Apple to be used in their advertisement.

Koustabh and I entered there to be warmly greeted with a beaming smile and a handshake by Silki. Once all the bloggers arrived we proceeded to an informal talk with the singer whose voice is as beautiful as she herself is. Silki gave us an insight into her life, how she juggles life as a soccer mom to her 9 year old son, working as a creative consultant for an interior designing firm and following her passion, singing. I was amazed how she successfully made classics like Gayatri Mantra and Guru Mantra her own using her mersmerising and soothing voice.

Silki Agrawal states her husband Sumaysh Agrawal as her biggest critic and greatest inspiration who motivates her to push herself further. While in school she learned soft vocals and for the past few years she has been training under Shuvodeep Mukherjee. As a child Silki had participated and won various singing competitions. She loves listening to Arijit Singh, Lata Mangeshkar, Lana Del Rey and Adele amongst others. She gushed about her love for fashion and how she loves implementing unique pieces (notice her Eina Ahluwalia 'Love Respect Protect' earrings?) which resonate with her ideology.

Her music is available online at AmazonItunes and Soundcloud. You can know more about her and her work here.

Friday, November 6, 2015

Making College Admissions Easier -

My little sister finished her graduation in Botany this year and she wanted to switch her subject and do her Masters in Environmental Science. Now, while her choice to work for and continue research to save the environment was quite a noble choice, finding the right college for her to study the same was a Herculean task.
 One needed to ensure quite a couple of things before she got enrolled-
  • the college was recognised by the government
  • the department was a good one
  • it provided job or research opportunities
  • the fees did not end up making us bankrupt and so much more
We needed a forum which would help us with all our needs so that we could get my sister admitted to the college of her choice and help her realise her dreams without too many bumps. came to our rescue. I had already utilised the information provided by this amazing website a year back when a friend needed information and updates regarding admissions notices and it helped me choose and decide the best college for my sister. enlists about 20000 college from across the country with subjects as varied as Science, Commerce, Arts, Law, Management, Engineering, Medical, Architecture, Aviation, Computer Applications, Dental, Hotel Management, Mass Communications, Deign, Education, and Pharmacy. It also provides detailed information about the standings of the Indian Universities in the world by giving out ratings for each college to help one choose the best. 
Every college listing has with it attached a college brochure for anxious parents to go through to make sure that their child goes to a reliable college and gets the best of education facilities available. Information regarding the course structure, fees, facilities and such are provided in detail.
The exams and news features on the website helps students appear for various examinations and attend and participate in ongoing college fests across the nation.

A quick search through the list of Universities in India helped me identify the various universities across the country which provided the option my sister wanted to study. A quick search through the seamless and easy to navigate website listed down the various colleges I should check and apply to. Upon further search I could ascertain whether the college is a central, state, deemed or private institution. It also helped me evaluate the costs involved, the ranking and rating of the various departments in the colleges, their placements from the past and the quality of the faculty. The website helped me a lot in identifying and getting my sister admitted to the college best suited for her needs.

I would highly recommend people who are confused and anxious to check the website and make the process much easier and less worrisome.

You can always reach them directly at regarding any queries concerning college admissions and have them resolved at the earliest. 

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition Challenge. Are You Game??

A week back, I was approached by Garnier to take part in the 30 day challenge using their newly released Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition Shampoo and Conditioner Duo. While my hair is usually tame and does not give me too much trouble during the rest of the year, it just suddenly becomes this frizzy mess of a bird nest during winters. They become insanely dry, rough and extremely greasy. So when Garnier claimed to address to all my hair problems , I was immediate to say a yes. So there arrived these pretty orange bottles which I'll be trying out for a period of 30 days.

 I have already used them twice and I know it is too early to decide if they are actually doing any of the claims they made but what I can see already is that my hair feels a little less frizzy than the winter usually makes it. Yay!! I'll have to use them for some more time to decide if they become permanent placeholders on my bathroom shelf. 

These new entrants claim to tame your frizzy manes, reduce hair fall, make hair shinier and smoother to prevent tangles, nourish your scalp and hair and strengthen them using the triple nutrition of Coconut, Almond and Olive oils.

Coconut Oil- Nourishes and makes hair stronger
Almond Oil- Restores beautiful shine to your lengths
Olive Oil- Binds, repairs and helps reduce split ends.

Goodbye frizzy, wayward, dry and undernourished hair!!

Both the shampoo and conditioner come in pale orange-ish flip cap bottles. They each come with a price tag of Rs. 135 for a quantity of 175 ml with a shelf life of 36 months which is pretty reasonable. I have a feeling I'm really going to love these. They smell really nice btw and I'm loving the conditioner because it does not make my hair feel heavy or flat unlike a few.

I'll be posting an update of how I'm liking these two after 30 days of using them. Why don't you take the challenge with me and pick these two and give them a try and tell me how you liked them?

Till next,

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

To-Visit List.

How many of you readers love travelling? I know, I do :D Travelling is a great way to move away from the regular humdrum and craziness of your life and unwind where you don’t have to worry about anything. 2014 was a great year for me travel-wise. I was invited with a few other blogger friends from Kolkata and Bangalore to go and visit the Four Seasons vineyards and the winery at Baramati, Maharashtra. Sitting on the balcony of my expansive room, soaking in the winter sun, staring into the vast vineyards, sipping delicious wine – life couldn’t be any better. I had the best holiday of my life there. I also travelled to Mumbai last year to attend an event and meet some other blogger buddies who I hadn’t met before. Blogging literally changes your world.

The two trips I mentioned were organized and managed by others and so I did not have to bother about the travel details, stay and all the budget. However, having to settle the budget, plan the trip and the travel, the hotel bookings, places to visit can be quite exhausting and tiring. What if I tell you that you didn’t have to worry at all about the kinds and number of hotels available in any area? Sounds amazing, right? is the one step solution to your booking worries. All you have to do is visit the website, search for the place you intend to visit, see the listings of the hotels there and plan your stay there according to your decided budget. It doesn’t get any easier than this. What I love about the website is the clean and hassle-free layout with simple listings with the number of rooms available and their charges provided in easy formats.

Travelling is something I enjoy immensely. The light headed feeling when your plane lifts off from the ground, the joy of wandering around aimlessly, looking and absorbing the scenery that encompasses you, nothing explains the surreal experience. My favourite places to go are mountains and forests. Having lived by the coastal regions my entire life, I gravitate more towards the towering mountains and lush forests than towards beaches and the sea. I have a long list of places that I’ve prepared over the years that I plan to visit as soon as I am done with my current course. I’ll have plenty of time in hand of which a huge chunk I plan to dedicate entirely to travelling across the length and breadth of the country. The list of the places I want to visit in the near future are-

1) Munnar – I spent my entire childhood, eight years to be exact, in Kochi. Unfortunately, we never got around to visiting this quaint little hill station tucked safely in the lap of the Nilgiris. Munnar is an extremely beautiful place with wide expanses of tea gardens all around. The temperature there is always pleasant which makes it a perfect destination to visit throughout the year. Check out the options from the elaborate Keralite style resorts to modern high-rises in Munnar at

2) Mumbai- I did mention visiting Mumbai last year but my stay was merely for a day and this city deserves more than a single visit. I plan to visit my new friends there and experience the many things I missed in my last trips- take a walk down the famous Juhu Beach, munch on the chaat and vada pav that the city is synonymous with, treat myself to some seafood delicacies, and street shop from Colaba Causeway and Hill Road.

3) Delhi- A trip to the capital city toh banta hai, right? Two of my favourite people on earth stay in Delhi and it has been on my to-visit list for a very long time. Delhi and its surrounding areas are a dream for any history lover. I’ll be visiting the city soon and I plan to put a tick on my checklist across The Red Fort, Humayun’s Tomb, The Qutb Minar, Lodi Gardens, and the Lotus Temple amongst many others. Sarojini Nagar and Lajpat Nagar are the Mecca for flea market lovers and I have a list of places and stores here that I know I need to visit.

4) Dharamsala- Dharamsala has the largest Tibetan monastery in the world outside Tibet. It has for very long been the safe haven and refuge for His Holiness, The Dalai Lama and his followers. I had quite some time ago found this very beautifully written article about this beautiful city tucked in the mountains of Himachal Pradesh and I’ve been dying to visit this place ever since. The scenic beauty of the unending Himalayan range coupled with the delectable food available at McLeodGanj makes this a must visit for all travel lovers in India.

So, what are the places you have bookmarked to visit in the near future? Do you share any from my list? Let me know in the comments below.

Till Next,